Why We Invented Panel Base Technology

We didn't just invent a new product, we created an entirely new product category.


For years constructing a base foundation has relied on traditional, outdated and expensive base building techniques that require heavy equipment and stone. We knew something had to be done.

Current methods can be expensive, lack permeability, require long periods of installation time (some projects can take months to finish), require heavy tool expertise, involve moving earth, major problems with accessibility and much more.


A modular panel base system capable of extreme load capabilities with virtually no installation equipment or experience needed.

Each panel comes equipped with built-in vertical and horizontal drainage, interlocking slots, hexagonal cellular structure, water storage and much more.

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I have used many different base systems over the past 20 years and have found the UltraBase system to be the best for overall performance and ease of installation. Thanks again for supplying us with the best base system on the market!

- Joe DeShayes III DeShayes Dream Greens

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A new era in base construction is underway with UltraBaseSystems. From synthetic turf to concrete pavers, installation has never been this easy and affordable. Engineered to minimize traditional stone base work, UltraBaseSystems provides the loadbearing structure, storm water management, safety and performance demanded by every athlete and homeowner.

Ultra Base Court™

Build your new court without concrete or asphalt or transform an old court with minimal time and repairs. Our revolutionary panel design provides both the structural base and the playing surface in an All-in-One solution.

Tour Links ®

With over 2 million sq ft of Tour Links panels sold Since 2001 Tour Links has solidified the position as the premier putting green system in the world. Thousands of golfers and industry professionals have come to rely on Tour Links for all their putting green requirements.

Ultra Base MAX ™

Ultra Base MAX is the perfect fusion of performance and safety. Engineered with the patented UltraBaseSystems® rigid structural shell for performance, fused with a state-of-the-art automotive grade shock absorbing membrane for safety, Ultra Base MAX delivers what athletes demand.

Ultra Base Floor ™

Ultra Base Floor provides all the strength and versatility you demand in a floor system whenever you need it. From dog kennels to dance floors, trade shows to shed floors, Ultra Floor Systems delivers!


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