Ultra Base Court®

Court Panel

A stable foundation combined with a high-performance play surface is the industry’s first all-in-one, easy-to-install economical court solution. Install in a day, play for a lifetime.

Built-in Vertical and Horizontal Drainage, Easy Installation, Non-Slip Play Surface, Construct a Court In Days Technology, Portability, Easy Replacement, Paint-on-Top Surface, Perfectly Flat Surface, and much more…

Panel Dimensions:
Actual panel dimension 30” x 30” x 1.25” / 762mm x 762mm x 31.75 mm | Square footage area once installed: 28” x 28”x 1.25”/ 711.2mm x 711.2mm x 31.75 mm = 5.44 ft² /.505 M²

Panel Weight:
Average panel weight: 1.86 pounds sq ft/ .84 kg per sq m 10.2 lbs per panel / 4.63 kg

Finished Corner Piece

Finished Edge Trim

ADA Compliant Court Ramp

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Futsal Solution

The dream of a simple to install, direct play flooring solution for Futsal has finally arrived. Introducing Ultra Base Court, the perfect court solution for indoor and outdoor futsal courts.

Our modular panel base technology can be installed in a day and last a lifetime. With built-in horizontal and vertical drainage, a non-slip top surface, perfect panel planarity – Ultra Base Court is what the market has been demanding for years!

Track Solution

Track fields can be overly expensive and take months to construct. Say goodbye to old track construction methods and hello to the new Ultra Base Court solution.

With our modular panel base technology, you can build a brand new track field in as little as a week. Unlike anything else on the marketplace, our panels allow fast construction with paint-on-top technology for accurate striping and reliable built-in drainage so your tracks never build up pools of water again.

Basketball Solution

Constructing a basketball court has never been easier thanks to Ultra Base Court. Whether you’re looking for a fast backyard basketball playing court or a state-of-the-art indoor facility – our never seen before direct play court solution allows for fast installation, easy maintenance, and unbelievable reliability for years of play.

No other flooring solution is as complete and consistent as Ultra Base Court, without all the mess of concrete, replace a court, or build a brand new one in no time with our Ultra Base Court solution.

Dek Hockey Solution

Finding the right flooring solution for dek hockey can be incredibly frustrating, those days are over thanks to Ultra Base Court. The perfect surface that combines functionality with ball performance, no more unreliable court experiences.

Get the results you’ve been looking for and players can rely on by using our Ultra Base Court solution!

Volleyball Solution

Looking for an indoor or outdoor volleyball flooring solution? Ultra Base Court is what you’ve been waiting for! Our volleyball court solution enables players to get the perfect mix of athletic performance and comfort by providing a structural base that softens falls while enabling athletes to unlock their potential.

Combined with fast construction, drainage, a non-slip surface, and much more… Look no further than our Ultra Base Court.

Other Court Solutions

Dodge Ball | Jump Rope | General Purpose Play Court

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